Sheldrake's Morphic Fields and TGD View about Quantum Biology

I received two books of Rubert Sheldrake as a gift from Marc McWilliams, who has for years helped me by reporting about problems at my homepage and sending links to interesting "/"/public_html/articles/. The titles of the books of Sheldrake are A new Science of Life: the Hypothesis of Formative Causation and The Presence of the Past: Morphic Resonance and Habits of Nature. The titles reveal the two basic notions underlying the vision of Sheldrake.

What makes the study of the books so rewarding is that Sheldrake starts from problems of the existing paradigm, analyzes them thoroughly, and proposes solutions in the framework provided by his vision. There is no need to accept Sheldrake's views, just the reading of his arguments teaches a lot about the fundamental ideas and dogmas underlying recent day biology and forces the reader to realize how little we really know - not only about biology but even about so called established areas of physics such as condensed matter physics. These books are precious gems for anyone trying to build overall view.

Instead of explaining the ideas of Sheldrake and their connection with TGD based view about living matter here I recommend the pdf article Sheldrake's Morphic Fields and TGD View about Quantum Biology. Also the chapter Quantum Theory of Self-Organization contains the details.