TGD based model for the evolution of genetic code: VI

First some context. I have discussed the model for the evolution of genetic code and the ideas inspired by this model in previous postings (I, II, III, IV,V).

The model for the evolution of genetic code leads to the idea that the folding of proteins obeys a code inherited from genetic code in the sense that aminoacid behaves like the conjugate Yc of the middle nucleotide of the codon XYZ coding for it and that flux tubes connecting aminoacids to each other connect conjugate aminoacids behaving like Y and Yc. Also catalyst action would reduce to effective base pairing in this picture. After some trials one ends up with a general conceptualization of the situation with the identification of wormhole magnetic flux tubes as correlates for attention at molecular level so that a direct connection with TGD inspired theory of consciousness emerges at quantitative level. This allows a far reaching generalization of the DNA as topological quantum computer paradigm and makes it much more detailed. Also earlier vision about function of neurotransmitters and other information molecules as carriers of links in the web formed by living body becomes very concrete. The final outcome is very simple quantitative model for folding and catalyst action based on minimization of energy and consistent with basic experimental facts as well as general ideas.

Because the model represents a quantitative breakthrough in the evolution of the TGD based view about quantum biology and to save the time required by the painstaking manual tex-html translation, I decided to represent the material also as article entitled From Genetic Code to Code for Folding and Catalysis. The background making it easier to understand can be found in the chapter Evolution in Many-Sheeted Space-time containing also the article as a section.