Burning water, photo synthesis, and water memory

This posting draws connections between anomalies described in the recent series of postings in the conceptual framework provided by TGD inspired quantum biology. The first posting Water Memory and Genes was devoted to the discovery of a mechanism of water memory by a group of scientists led by Luc Montagnie, who received Nobel prize for the discovery of HIV virus.

  1. What was done was filtration of human cells infected by bacteria in sterilization purpose to eliminate the infected cells. Human cells were added to the filtrate. Rather magically, the infection returned to the filtrate within few weeks. Something having size of order of nanoscale leaked through. It was also found that when the filtrate was diluted by water to produce an analog of homeopathic remedy, it produced at multiples of kHz if the dilution factor was in range 10-7-10-12.
  2. The second discovery was that if you have two bottles of remedies containing a solute of nanostructures such that for the first one dilution factor is small and for the second in the critical range so that it radiates at kHz frequencies. What was found that in the final situation neither radiates but only if the dilutions correspond to the same bacterial species! I proposed two interpretations. The first one was that the nanoscale systems in the highly diluted system are starving and gain metabolic energy by sending negative energy photons to the low dilution system and this makes them possible to replicate and achieve higher dilution after which the process stops.

  3. One of the most fascinating possibilities suggested by the discovery is that the nanoscale structures identified as certain gene of the bacteria plus possibly something else (the magnetic body of gene in TGD context) might have been able to regenerate the bacteria themselves! This would require a non-chemical representation of genetic code and its translation to DNA or RNA. For about year ago I indeed discovered a realization of genetic code in terms of dark nuclei with states of nucleons representing the code words (see the chapter Nuclear String Model of p-Adic length Scale Hypothesis and Dark Matter Hierarchy).

This posting was followed by a series of postings (Water electric as proto cell , A model-for-chiral-selection, and Burning water and photosynthesis) inspired by the articles of Mae-Wan Ho, and the outcome was a considerable progress in detailing the TGD based view about quantum biology.

These findings allow a more detailed interpretation of the findings of the experiments of the group of Luc Montagnie described in the first posting.

  1. In the posting Burning water and photosynthesis I told about a connection between photosynthesis in which water indeed burns and the mysterious burning of water induced by radiowaves in GHz range and interpreted in terms of a decomposition of water molecules to hydrogen peroxide and hydrogen: 2H2→ H2O2. The interpretation was that radiowaves are resonantly transformed to dark photons with same frequency but with very large value of Planck constant and hence energy followed by transformation to ordinary IR photons with much higher frequency but same energy energy around .4 eV. The finding that Raman scattering (non-elastic scattering of photons on molecules) around this energy occurs in the burning water supports this view. The natural guess is that also in the recent case something similar occurs.

  2. This kind of frequency scaling is one of the basic mechanisms of water memory as I learned for the first time from the lecture of Cyril Smith in CASYS conference many years ago. One of the basic findings was that there is an unknown mechanism transforming low frequencies to high ones and vice versa. The low frequencies are scaled up by a factor which has a preferred value r≈2× 1011 interpreted in TGD framework as the ratio of the dark matter Planck constant to the ordinary one. I christened this correlation as a scaling law of homeopathy.

  3. It is interesting to apply the law to kHz frequency. In this case the law would give frequency f=2× 1014 Hz. The corresponding energy is .826 eV, which is essentially twice the energy quantum associated with burning water and thus has interpretation as a p-adically scaled up frequency (by one octave). Interestingly, Mae-Wan Ho states in one of her articles that "to use water as electron-donor, and hence to produce oxygen, requires the creation of the chlorophyll-a in cyanobacteria and green plants that can be boosted to a higher electrochemical potential of 0.82 V". Hence .83 eV is very near to a metabolically interesting energy.

  4. This finding supports the view that kHz radiation produced by nano-structures corresponds to dark phase conjugate photons with energy equal to a metabolic energy quantum. The interpretation would be that the unidentified nanoscale systems in the highly diluted system are starving and get metabolic energy by sending negative energy quanta in the hope that there are metabolic energy reservoirs around able to absorb them. If biophotons are Bose Einstein condensates of dark cyclotron photons at the flux tubes of magnetic body acting like population reversed lasers, they could serve as metabolic energy reservoir as suggested in Water electric as proto cell on basis of the discovery described by Mae-Wan Ho in the article Water Electric.

  5. A continual fight for metabolic resources is raging everywhere in Nature, presumably also at the monocellular level. It would not be surprising if harmful bacteria would have forgotten the rules of fair play(;-)) and would try to steal the metabolic energy of other organisms stored (say) as biophotons by sending phase conjugate light to the biophoton resources of multicellular organisms. Nor it would be surprising if living organisms would have developed manners to prevent this. The fine tuning of the metabolic frequencies so that only the members of the same species can share the energy could guarantee this. Also password like protocols might have developed and either or both of them might be involved.

    In the two-bottle experiments the nanoscale systems in the highly diluted system would gain metabolic energy by sending negative energy photons received by the low dilution system. The gain of metabolic energy would make possible for the nanosystems to replicate and achieve higher dilution after which the process would stop as was indeed observed. That this took place only for the bacteria of same species supports the interpretation that frequency tuning or password mechanism was involved. This metabolic mechanism (quantum credit card as I have called it) could be a completely general mechanism energy sharing mechanism for cells of the same multicellular organism and perhaps even same species in TGD Universe.

For more detailed representation see the chapter Quantum Model for Nerve Pulse of "TGD and EEG". See also the earlier water memory related posting and the chapter Homeopathy in Many-Sheeted Space-Time of Bio-Systems as Conscious Holograms where also the nuclear realization of the genetic code is discussed.