A possible realization of water memory

The Benveniste's discovery of water memory initiated quite dramatic sequence of events. The original experiment involved the homeopathic treatment of water by human antigene. This meant dilution of the water solution of antigene so that the concentration of antigene became extremely low. In accordance with homeopathic teachings human basophils reacted on this solution.

The discovery was published in Nature and due to the strong polemic raised by the publication of the article, it was decided to test the experimental arrangement. The experimental results were reproduced under the original conditions. Then it was discovered that experimenters knew which bottles contained the treated water. The modified experiment in which experimenters did not possess this information failed to reproduce the results and the conclusion was regarded as obvious and Benveniste lost his laboratory among other things. Obviously any model of the effect taking it as a real effect rather than an astonishingly simplistic attempt of top scientists to cheat should explain also this finding.

The model based on the notion of field body and general mechanism of long term memory allows to explain both the memory of water and why it failed under the conditions described.

1. A model for the water memory and homeopathic effect

  1. Also molecules have magnetic field bodies acting as intentional agents controlling the molecules. Nano-motors do not only look co-operating living creatures but are such. The field body of the molecule contains besides the static magnetic and electric parts also dynamical parts characterized by frequencies and temporal patterns of fields. To be precise, one must speak both field and relative field bodies characterizing interactions of molecules. Right brain sings-left brain talks metaphor might generalize to all scales meaning that representations based on both frequencies and temporal pulse with single frequency could be utilized.

  2. The effects of complex bio-molecule to other bio-molecules (say antigene on basofil) in water could be characterized to some degree by the temporal patterns associated with the dynamical part of its field body and bio-molecules could recognize each other via these patterns. This would mean that symbolic level in interactions would be present already in the interactions of bio-molecules. Cyclotron frequencies are most natural candidates for the frequency signatures and the fact that frequencies in 10 kHz range are involved supports this view.

  3. The original idea was that water molecule clusters are able to mimic the bio-molecules themselves -say their vibrational and rotational spectra could coincide with those of molecules in reasonable approximation. A more natural idea is that they can mimic their field bodies. Homeopathy could rely on extremely simple effect: water molecule clusters would steal the magnetic bodies of the molecules used to manufacture the homeopathic remedy. The shaking of the bottle containing the solution would enhance the probability for bio-molecule to lose its magnetic body in this manner. For instance, water could produce fake copies of say antigenes recognized by basofils and reacting accordingly if the reaction is based on interaction with the magnetic body of the antigene.

  4. The basic objection against this picture is that it does not explain why the repeated dilution works. Rather, it seems that dilution of molecules reduces also the density of mimicking pseudo-molecules. Even more, the potency of the homeopathic remedy is claimed to increase as the the dilution factor increases. Also alcohol is used instead of water so that also alcohol must allow homeopathic mechanism. (I am grateful for Ulla Matfolk for questions which made me to realize these objections).

    1. The only way out seems to be that the magnetic bodies or water molecule clusters having these magnetic bodies can replicate. The shaking of the remedy could provide the needed metabolic energy so that the population of magnetic bodies grows to a limiting density determined by the metabolic energy feed. In principle it would be possible to infect unlimited amount of water by these pseudo-molecules. When in bottle the population would be in dormant state but in the body of the patient it would wake up and form a population of molecular actors and stimulate the immune system to develop immune response to the real molecule.

    2. The potency of the homeopathic remedy is claimed to increase with the increased dilution factor. This would suggest that the continued dilution and shaking also increases the density of pseudo molecules, perhaps by feeding to the system metabolic energy or by some other mechanism.

    3. Also magnetic bodies must replicate in cell replication and their role as intentional agents controlling bio-matter requires that this replication serves as a template for biochemical replication. On can indeed interpret the images about cell replication in terms of replication of dipole type magnetic field. This process is very simple and could have preceded biological replication. The question is therefore whether water is actually a living system in presence of a proper metabolic energy feed. Also the water's ability near critical point for freezing to form nice patterns correlating with sound stimuli might be due to the presence of the molecular actors.

    4. This picture fits nicely with the vision that evolution of water in this kind of life form might have happened separately and that pre-biotic chemical life forms have formed symbiosis with living water . In the model of DNA as topological quantum computer the asymptotic self organization patterns of water flow in the vicinity of lipid layers indeed define quantum computer programs by inducing the braiding of the magnetic flux tubes connecting DNA nucleotides to lipids so that this symbiosis would have brought in new kind of information processing tool.

  5. The magnetic body of the molecule could mimic the vibrational and rotational spectra using harmonics of cyclotron frequencies. Cyclotron transitions could produce dark photons with large Planck constant, whose ordinary counterparts resulting in de-coherence would have large energies due to the large value of hbar and could thus induce vibrational and rotational transitions. This would provide a mechanism by which molecular magnetic body could control the molecule. Note that also the antigenes possibly dropped to the larger space-time sheets could produce the effect on basofils. The transformation of large Planck constant photons to ordinary ones would reduce the frequency of photon by the factor hbar0/hbar: this kind of reduction represents basic finding about water memory. The so scaled scaling law states that favored scaling factor corresponds to hbar/hbar0∼ 2× 1010.

  6. There is a considerable experimental support for the Benveniste's discovery that bio-molecules in water environment are represented by frequency patterns, and several laboratories are replicating the experiments of Benveniste as I learned from the lecture of Yolene Thomas in the 7:th European SSE Meeting held in Röros . The scale of the frequencies involved is around 10 kHz and as such does not correspond to any natural molecular frequencies. Cyclotron frequencies associated with electrons or dark ions accompanying these macromolecules would be a natural identification if one accepts the notion of molecular magnetic body. For ions the magnetic fields involved would have a magnitude of order .03 Tesla if 10 kHz corresponds to scaled up alpha band. Also Josephson frequencies would be involved if one believes that EEG has fractally scaled up variants in molecular length scales.

2. Why Benveniste's experiments could not be replicated?

Consider now the argument explaining the failure to replicate the experiments of Benveniste.

  1. The magnetic bodies of water molecules need metabolic energy for communications with their "biological body" using the fractally scaled analog of EEG. There is no obvious source for this energy in water. The model for protein folding and DNA as topological quantum computer assumes that magnetic flux tubes connecting subject person and target of directed attention serve as correlates for directed attention at the molecular level . This should be true also in macroscopic scales so that the experimentalist and the bottle containing the treated water should be connected by magnetic flux tubes. If experimenter has directed his attention to the bottle of water, the resulting magnetic flux tubes could allow a transfer of metabolic energy as a radiation along massless extremals parallel to the flux tubes and defining TGD counterparts of Alfwen waves. Experimenter's strong motivation to replicate experiments would help to realize the transfer of the metabolic energy. Experimenters not knowing, which bottles were treated did not have these flux tube bridges to the bottles, and were not able to provide the needed metabolic energy, and the magnetic bodies of antigenes failed to generate the cyclotron radiation making them visible to the basofil.

  2. If this interpretation is correct, then Benveniste's experiment would demonstrate besides water memory also psychokinesis and direct action of desires of experimenters on physics at microscopic level. Furthermore, the mere fact that we know something about some object or direct attention to it would mean a concrete interaction of our magnetic body with the object.

For details see the chapter Homeopathy in Many-Sheeted Space-time.