Some considerations relating to the dynamics of quasicrystals

The dynamics of quasicrystals looks to me very interesting because it shares several features of the dynamics of Kähler action defining the basic variational principle of classical TGD and defining the dynamics of space-time surfaces. In the following I will compare the basic features of the dynamics of quasicrystals to the dynamics of preferred extremals of Kähler action. Magnetic body carrying dark matter is the fundamental intentional agent in TGD inspired quantum biology and the cautious proposal is that magnetic flux sheets could define the grid of 3-planes (or more general 3-surfaces) defining quasi-periodic background fields favoring 4-D quasicrystals in TGD Universe. Also 3-D quasicrystal like structures defined by grids of planes can be considered and 4-D quasicrystal structure would represent their time evolution. Quite recently it has been reported that grids consisting of 2-D curved orthogonal surfaces characterize the architecture of neural wiring so that this hypothesis might make sense. This structure would be analogous to 2-D quasicrystal and its time evolution to 3-D quasicrystal. Instead of explaining the ideas in detail here I recommend the pdf article Some considerations relating to the dynamics of quasicrystals. Also the chapter Quantum Theory of Self-Organization contains the details.