1. Introduction

  2. Basic conceptual framework

    1. Basic concepts

    2. Gauge charges and gauge fluxes

    3. The relationship between inertial gravitational masses

    4. Can one regard # resp. #B contacts as particles resp. string like objects?

    5. TGD based description of external fields

    6. Number theoretical considerations

  3. Model for topologically quantized magnetic field

    1. Topological field quantization

    2. Mind-like space-time sheets

    3. Do cognitive space-time sheets perform simulation by simple mimicry?

    4. Model for wormhole flux tube as a hollow cylinder

    5. Wormhole flux tubes need not be closed in ordinary sense

    6. Wormhole flux tubes form a macroscopic quantum system

    7. The interaction of coherent light with wormhole flux tubes

    8. Quantum antenna hypothesis and wormholes

    9. Phantom DNA effect, Comorosan effect, DNA as a super conductor, ORMEs: four peculiar effects with a common explanation.

  4. Comorosan effect, phantom DNA effect and homeopathy

    1. Comorosan effect

    2. Phantom DNA effect

    3. Cognitive space-time sheets, mimicry and homeopathy

    4. Clustering of RNA polymerase molecules and Comorosan effect

  5. Subcellular control and wormhole flux tubes

    1. Intracellular bio-control and memory

    2. Coding of genetic information to topologically quantized fields

    3. Wormhole flux tubes as templates of bio-structures

  6. TGD inspired models for psychokinesis

    1. Wormhole magnetic fields and psychokinesis

    2. Alternatives models of psychokinesis

    3. Experimental tests