1. Introduction

    1. Massless extremals and quantum antenna hypothesis

    2. Evidence

    3. Quantum antenna hypothesis and brain consciousness

    4. Relationship of TGD approach with micro-tubular approach

    5. MEs and information molecules

    6. MEs and quantum holography

    7. MEs and the notion of conscious hologram

    8. Negative energy MEs and bio-control

    9. MEs and dark matter hierarchy

  2. Massless extremals

    1. Massless extremals as general solutions of field equations

    2. About the electro-weak and color fields associated with massless extremals

    3. How massless extremals generate coherent states of photons

    4. Massless extremal is accompanied by a Bose-Einstein condensate of parallel photons

    5. MEs and apparent breaking of Uncertainty Principle

  3. Micro-tubules as quantum antennae

    1. Linear structures as quantum antennae

    2. Are micro-tubules accompanied by massless extremals?

    3. How macroscopic quantum coherence is generated?

    4. Are nerve pulse patterns coded into vacuum currents and coherent light?

  4. Massless extremals and information molecules

    1. Questions about information molecules

    2. A model of biological self-organization based on quantum antenna hypothesis

  5. Evidence for quantum antenna hypothesis

    1. TGD inspired model for sonoluminescence

    2. Stirred and shaken

    3. Evidence for quantum antenna hypothesis in living systems

    4. Biefeld-Brown effect

  6. Quantum holography and MEs

    1. Quantum holography in sense of quantum gravity theories

    2. Generalization of the solution ansatz defining massless extremals

    3. Quantum holography in non-cosmological length scales

    4. Super-canonical representations, quantum holography, and consciousness

    5. Quantum holography and quantum information theory

    6. Connection with the notion of wave DNA

    7. p-Adic cognition suggests the existence of double-sheeted MEs and magnetic flux tube structures

    8. Connection with quantum holography involved with NMR

    9. Summary

  7. Appendix: A model for the topological condensation of coherent vapor phase photons

    1. The action

    2. Coherent state is generated in resonant-like manner for light like vacuum currents

    3. Stimulated topological condensation