1. Introduction

    1. Evolution of basic ideas of quantum computation

    2. Quantum computation and TGD

    3. TGD and the new physics associated with TQC

    4. TGD and TQC

  2. Existing view about topological quantum computation

    1. Evolution of ideas about TQC

    2. Topological quantum computation as quantum dance

    3. Braids and gates

    4. About quantum Hall effect and theories of quantum Hall effect

    5. Topological quantum computation using braids and anyons

  3. General implications of TGD for quantum computation

    1. Time need not be a problem for quantum computations in TGD Universe

    2. New view about information

    3. Number theoretic vision about quantum jump as a building block of conscious experience {31

    4. Dissipative quantum parallelism?

    5. Negative energies and quantum computation

  4. TGD based new physics related to topological quantum computation

    1. Topologically quantized generalized Beltrami fields and braiding

    2. Quantum Hall effect and fractional charges in TGD

    3. Why 2+1-dimensional conformally invariant Witten-Chern-Simons theory should work for anyons?

    5 Topological quantum computation in TGD Universe

    1. Concrete realization of quantum gates

    2. Temperley-Lieb representations

    3. Zero energy topological quantum computations

  5. Quantum computations without definite causal structure: TGD view

    1. Indefinite causal order

    2. ZEO and discrete symmetries for twistor lift of TGD

    3. Two views about SWITCH and superposition of causal orders

    4. Higher level quantum computations and ZEO

    5. Is conscious experience without definite causal order possible?

  6. Retrocausality and TGD

    1. Retrocausality

    2. The notions of reality and retrocausality in TGD context

  7. Still about the notion of causal indefiniteness in TGD framework

    1. Background

    2. TGD view about indefiniteness

    3. Also a genuine change of the arrow of time is possible in ZEO

  8. Appendix: Generalization of the notion of imbedding space

    1. Both covering spaces and factor spaces are possible

    2. Do factor spaces and coverings correspond to the two kinds of Jones inclusions?

    3. Fractional Quantum Hall effect