1. Introduction

    1. Strange behavior of cellular water and quantal ionic currents through cell membrane

    2. General mechanisms of bio-superconductivity

    3. Hierarchies of preferred p-adic length scales and values of Planck constant

    4. Fractal hierarchy of magnetic flux sheets and the hierarchy of genomes

    5. Bose-Einstein condensates at magnetic flux quanta in astrophysical length scales

    6. Atmospheric phenomena and superconductivity

  2. Empirical support for ionic super-conductivity as a fundamental control mechanism

    1. Strange behavior of the intracellular water

    2. Are channels and pumps really there?

    3. Could the notion of the many-sheeted space-time solve the paradoxes?

    4. Water memory, homeopathy, and acupuncture

  3. The roles of Josephson radiation, cyclotron radiation, and of magnetic body

    1. The role of Josephson currents

    2. What is the role of the magnetic body?

    3. Magnetic homeostasis and magnetic circulation?

    4. Some remarks and questions

  4. Models for ionic superconductivity

    1. Model for ionic superconductivity

    2. Super conductors of exotic bosonic counterparts of fermionic ions

    3. More quantitative picture about Bose-Einstein condensates

  5. Atmospheric phenomena and super-conductivity

    1. Tornadoes as a macroscopic quantum phenomenon involving super-conductivity?

    2. Auroras as an astrophysical quantum phenomenon?

    3. Lightnings, sprites, elves, and the hypothesis of magnetic sensory canvas

  6. Appendix

    1. Hierarchy of Planck constants and the generalization of the notion of imbedding space

    2. Updated view about the hierarchy of Planck constants

    3. Cyclotron frequencies and Larmor frequencies