1. Introduction

    1. General ideas about super-conductivity in many-sheeted space-time

    2. TGD inspired model for high Tc superconductivity

    3. Empirical evidence for high Tc superconductivity in bio-systems}

  2. General TGD based view about super-conductivity

    1. Basic phenomenology of super-conductivity

    2. Universality of the parameters in TGD framework

    3. Quantum criticality and super-conductivity

    4. Space-time description of the mechanisms of super-conductivity

    5. Super-conductivity at magnetic flux tubes

  3. TGD based model for high Tc super conductors

    1. Some properties of high Tc super conductors

    2. TGD inspired vision about high Tc superconductivity

  4. Quantitative model of high Tc super-conductivity and bio-super-conductivity

    1. A more detailed flux tube model for super-conductivity

    2. Simple quantitative model

    3. Fermionic statistics and bosons

    4. Interpretation in the case of high Tc super-conductivity

    5. Quantitative estimates in the case of TGD inspired quantum biology

  5. Evidence for electronic superconductivity in bio-systems

    1. DNA as a conductor?

    2. DNA as a super-conductor?

    3. Conducting DNA and metabolism

    4. Some empirical evidence for super conductivity in bio-systems

    5. Microtubular space-time sheets as super conductors?

    6. Are living systems high Tc superconductors?

  6. Exotic atoms, wormhole super conductivity and wormhole magnetic fields

    1. Exotic atoms

    2. Mono-atomic elements as dark matter and high Tc super-conductors?

    3. Wormholes and super-conductors