1. Introduction

    1. Combinatorial Hierarchy of codes

    2. The product model for the evolution of the genetic code

    3. General ideas about codes and languages

  2. Combinatorial Hierarchy and Genetic Code

    1. Combinatorial Hierarchy as a model for abstraction process

    2. Interpretation of genetic code

    3. Genetic Code as a result of geometric symmetry breaking

    4. Symmetry breaking scenarios

    5. In what sense the physical genetic code is unique?

    6. Hierarchy of Genetic Codes?

    7. The structure of the negation map

    8. Combinatorial Hierarchy as a hierarchy of formal systems

    9. Summary

  3. Combinatorial Hierarchy: two decades later

    1. Summary of Combinatorial Hierarchy

    2. CH as a prediction of quantum TGD

  4. Genes, memes and universal language

    1. Genes-memes, biology-culture, hardware-software?

    2. Pulse and frequency representations of the genetic and memetic code words

    3. Mapping of the genetic code to micro-tubular code

    4. Genes, memes, and language

    5. Does memetic code make possible communications between different species?

    6. Intronic portions of genome code for RNA: for what purpose?

  5. Corals and Men

    1. Why corals and vertebrates should have common genes?

    2. Did corals and vertebrates receive their common genes via horizontal transfer?

    3. What happened in Cambrian explosion?

    4. What ontogeny recapitulates phylogeny principle means at the level of DNA?

    5. Where did those 223 genes pop up?