1. Introduction

  2. Experimental evidence for accelerated expansion is consistent with TGD based model

    1. The four pieces of evidence for accelerated expansion

    2. Comparison with TGD

  3. Quantum version of Expanding Earth theory

    1. The claims of Adams

    2. The critic of Adams of the subduction mechanism

    3. Expanding Earth theories are not new

    4. Summary of TGD based theory of Expanding Earth

    5. Did intra-terrestrial life burst to the surface of Earth during Cambrian expansion?

  4. Implications Expanding Earth model for the pre-Cambrian evolution of continents, of climate, and of life

    1. Super-continent theory

    2. Standard view about oceans

    3. Glaciations during Neoproterozoic period

    4. Snowball Earth model for the glaciation during pre-Cambrian era

    5. TGD point of view about pre-Cambrian period

    6. Paleo-magnetic data and Expanding Earth model

    7. Did life go underground during pre-Cambrian glaciations?

    8. Great Unconformity as a new piece of support for Expanding Earth model

    9. Where did the oceans come from?

  5. What about other planets?

    1. How Was Ancient Mars Warm Enough for Liquid Water?

    2. New Horizons About Pluto

  6. Expanding Earth hypothesis, Platonic solids, and plate tectonics as symplectic flow

    1. Summary of the model

    2. Plate tectonics as a symplectic flow in scales longer than the size of craton?

    3. Appendix: Some mathematical details

  7. New support for the view about Cambrian explosion being caused by rapid increase of Earth radius

    1. The proposal of Hammarlund and Påhlman

    2. TGD view

    3. Does Mars have intraplanetary life?

    4. Earhquakes and volcanic eruptions as macroscopic quantum jumps in zero energy ontology

    5. Correlation between earthquakes and volcanic eruptions with the spin dynamics of Earth

    6. No continents before Cambrian Explosion

  8. Updated version of Expanding Earth model

    1. Motivations for EEM

    2. Objections against EEM and their resolution

    3. How the reduction of the density of Earth was possible?

    4. Cambrian explosion, the Great Oxidation Event, and Expanding Earth hypothesis

  9. Has venus turned itself inside-out and why its magnetic field vanishes?

    1. Has Venus turned itself inside-out?

    2. Why does Venus not possess a magnetic field?

    3. Could superionic phase of water give rise to planetary super-conductivity and Meissner effect?