1. Introduction

    1. Basic ideas of tqc

    2. Identification of hardware of tqc and tqc programs

    3. How much tqc resembles ordinary computation?

    4. Basic predictions of DNA as tqc hypothesis

  2. Basic concepts and ideas

    1. What happens in quantum jump

    2. M-matrix

    3. About NMP and quantum jump

    4. Hyper-finite factors of type II1 and quantum measurement theory with a finite measurement resolution

    5. NMP and biology

    6. Generalization of thermodynamics allowing negentropic entanglement and a model for conscious information processing

  3. How quantum computation in TGD Universe differs from standard quantum computation?

    1. Universe as a topological quantum computer

    2. The notion of magnetic body and the generalization of the notion of genome

    3. General ideas related to topological quantum computation

    4. Fractal hierarchies

    5. Irreducible entanglement and possibility of quantum parallel quantum computation

    6. Connes tensor product defines universal entanglement

    7. Possible problems related to quantum computation

    8. Negentropic entanglement, NMP, braiding and TQC

  4. DNA as topological quantum computer

    1. Conjugate DNA as performer of tqc and lipids as quantum dancers

    2. How quantum states are realized?

    3. The role of high Tc superconductivity in tqc

    4. Genetic codes and tqc

  5. How to realize the basic gates?

    1. Universality of tqc

    2. The fundamental braiding operation as a universal 2-gate

    3. What the replacement of linear braid with planar braid could mean?

    4. Single particle gates

    5. On direct testing of quantum consciousness and DNA as tqc

    6. Realization of braiding operation in terms of heff=nh hypothesis

  6. About realization of braiding

    1. Could braid strands be split and reconnect all the time?

    2. What do braid strands look like?

    3. How to induce the basic braiding operation?

    4. Some qualitative tests

  7. A model for flux tubes

    1. Flux tubes as a correlate for directed attention

    2. Does directed attention generate memory representations and tqc like processes

    3. Realization of flux tubes

    4. Flux tubes and DNA

  8. Some predictions related to the representation of braid color

    1. Anomalous em charge of DNA as a basic prediction

    2. Chargaff's second parity rule and the vanishing of net anomalous charge

    3. Are genes and other genetic sub-structures singlets with respect to QCD color?

    4. Summary of possible symmetries of DNA

    5. Empirical rules about DNA and mRNA supporting the symmetry breaking picture

  9. Cell replication and tqc

    1. Mitosis and tqc

    2. Sexual reproduction and tqc

    3. What is the role of centrosomes and basal bodies?

  10. Indirect evidence for the DNA as topological quantum computer model

    1. The notion of magnetic body

    2. DNA as topological quantum computer

    3. Implications for genetics

    4. Implications for Mendelian anomalies

  11. How to build a quantum computer from magnetic flux tubes

    1. What can one learn from ordinary computer programs

    2. Quantum computation magnetic flux tubes as connections

  12. Appendix: A generalization of the notion of imbedding space

    1. Both covering spaces and factor spaces are possible

    2. Do factor spaces and coverings correspond to the two kinds of Jones inclusions?

    3. Fractional Quantum Hall effect