1. Introduction

    1. Insights

    2. Conditions on the model

    3. Vision

  2. About dark variants of DNA, RNA, and amino-acids

    1. Dark variant of DNA

    2. What about dark variants of RNA,tRNA and amino-acids?

  3. TGD view about the emergence of chemical life

    1. The quantum vision about the prebiotic evolution

    2. Unidentified Infrared Bands as a test for the proposal

    3. PAH world hypothesis from TGD point of view

    4. Did RNA replicate in codon-wise manner during RNA era?

  4. Some reckless speculation about higher level variants of dark genetic code

    1. Could cell membrane correspond to dark nuclear physics for k> 141?

    2. Microtubules as quantum critical systems

  5. Freaky DNA

    1. Icosa-tetrahedral and icosa-dodecahedral harmonies as candidates for genetic code
    2. Hachimoji code and realizations of genetic code suggested by TGD inspired quantum biology