1. Introduction

    1. Exotic charge transfer between cell interior and exterior as fundamental control mechanism

    2. Further experimental findings

    3. Evidence for axonal supra currents

    4. DC currents of Becker

    5. Two views about cell membrane

  2. Exotic charge transfer between cell interior and exterior as fundamental control mechanism

    1. Strange behavior of the intracellular water

    2. Are channels and pumps really there?

    3. Cytoplasm as gel

    4. TGD based vision inspired by the findings

  3. Further experimental findings

    1. Genes and water memory

    2. A model for chiral selection

    3. Burning water and photosynthesis

  4. A model for the effective electronic super-conductivity in axons

    1. Many-sheeted space-time and connection between thermal de Broglie wavelength and size of the space-time sheet

    2. Magnetic flux tubes as effective super-conductors and breaking of super-conductivity

    3. Quantitative model for the breaking of super-conductivity

    4. Application at axonal level

  5. Quantum model for the direct currents of Becker

    1. Connection between laser induced healing, acupuncture, and association of DC currents with the healing of wounds

    2. Quantum model for effective semiconductor property

    3. A model for remote gene expression based on Becker currents

  6. Could cell membrane correspond to almost vacuum extremal?

    1. Cell membrane as almost vacuum extremal

    2. Are photoreceptors nearly vacuum extremals?

    3. Water electric as protocell

  7. Pollack's findings about fourth phase of water and the model of cell

    1. Pollack's findings

    2. Dark nuclei and Pollack's findings

    3. Fourth phase of water and pre-biotic life in TGD Universe

  8. Implications of strong gravimagnetism for TGD inspired quantum biology

    1. The theory of Tajmar et al for the anomaly of Cooper pairs mass

    2. Is the large gravimagnetic field possible in TGD framework?

    3. Gravitational Mother Gaia and life

  9. Quantitative model of high Tc super-conductivity and bio-super-conductivity

    1. A more detailed flux tube model for super-conductivity

    2. Simple quantitative model

    3. Fermionic statistics and bosons

    4. Interpretation in the case of high Tc super-conductivity

    5. Quantitative estimates in the case of TGD inspired quantum biology

    6. Does also low Tc superconductivity rely on magnetic flux tubes in TGD Universe?

    7. The implications of TGD view about magnetic fields for superconductivity

  10. Does the physics of SmB6 make the fundamental dynamics of TGD directly visible?

    1. Observations

    2. Could TGD help to understand the strange behavior of SmB6

  11. A new control mechanism of TGD inspired quantum biology

    1. Quantum criticality

    2. Quantum criticality and TGD inspired quantum biology

    3. A new mechanism of quantum criticality

    4. A new mechanism of quantum bio-control

  12. TGD based model for graphene superconductivity

    1. Basic observations

    2. Mott insulators, transition metals, antiferromagnets, and high Tc superconductors in TGD framework

    3. TGD description for the super-conductivity of graphene

  13. Rydberg polarons as a support for TGD view about space-time

    1. Experimental findings

    2. Could TGD say something interesting about Rydberg polarons?

    3. Maxwellian and TGD pictures for the magnetic interaction energy

    4. A model for Rydberg polaron