1. Introduction

  2. Physics as geometry

    1. Space-time as 4-surface in H=M4× CP2

    2. World of classical worlds (WCW)

    3. About Dirac equation in TGD framework

    4. Different manners to understand the "complete integrability" of TGD

  3. Physics as number theory

    1. p-Adic physics

    2. Adelic physics

    3. Adelic physics and quantum measurement theory

    4. Entanglement paradox and new view about particle identity

  4. M8-H duality

    1. Associative dynamics in M8_c

    2. Associativity condition at the level of M8

    3. Uncertainty Principle and M8-H duality

    4. The revised view about M8-H duality and the "very special moments in the life of self"

    5. Space-time surfaces as images of associative surfaces in M8

    6. Hierarchies of extensions for rationals and for inclusions of hyperfinite factors

    7. Galois confinement

    8. Some questions and ideas related to M8-H duality

  5. Neutrinos and TGD

    1. Some background about TGD

    2. Problems related to neutrinos

  6. Zero energy ontology (ZEO)

    1. The basic view about ZEO and causal diamonds

    2. Open questions related to ZEO

    3. What happens in quantum measurement?

    4. About TGD based description of entanglement

    5. Negentropy Maximization Principle

  7. Appendix

    1. Comparison of TGD with other theories

    2. Brief glossary of the basic concepts of TGD

    3. Figures