Figures and illustrations related to TGD

The understanding of TGD based space-time concept relies heavily on generalizations from simple two-dimensional concepts to higher dimensions. The mere linguistic representation leads easily to misunderstandings (as I have concretely found in case of 'wormhole' concept!). Thus the following (mostly) 2-dimensional illustrations are strongly recommended. The ideas discussed represent TGD as it was for more than 10 years ago (around 1995) and some of them are unfortunately somewhat obsolete and several key notions emerged after than are missing.

  1. Two-dimensional illustrations of TGD based space-time concept (html)

  2. Two-dimensional illustrations related to TGD inspired theory of brain (html)

  3. p-Adic counterparts of various real or complex functions induced by canonical identification between p-adics and reals define fractals.

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