1. Introduction

    1. The concepts of self, time, and subjective memory

    2. Negeentropy Maximization Principle and Ethics

    3. Cosmology of consciousness

    4. Four-dimensional brain

    5. Evidence for TGD based time concept

  2. TGD based concept of time

    1. The three non-determinisms

    2. Some aspects of classical non-determinism

    3. Quantum jumps as moment of consciousness and the notion of self

    4. Four views about how the arrow of psychological time could emerge

    5. What really distinguishes between future and past?

    6. Two views about flow of time

  3. Intentions and time

    1. What intentions are?

    2. p-Adic physics as physics of only cognition?

    3. Some questions to ponder

    4. Generalizing the notion of p-adic space-time surface

    5. Number theoretic universality for cognitive representations

    6. Why p-adic intentionality does not reduce to quantum randomness?

  4. Some other aspects of consciousness in relation to time

    1. Passive and active aspects of consciousness

    2. Sensory perception, motor action, and time

    3. Long term memories and time

    4. Remote mental interactions and time

    5. Some paradoxes solved by the new view about time

    6. Comparison with the approach of Barbour

  5. Cosmology of consciousness and four-dimensional brain

    1. Cosmology of consciousness

    2. Communications in four-dimensional society

    3. The paradigm of four-dimensional brain

    4. Geometric and subjective memories

    5. Memories with respect to geometric time as simulations

    6. Are long term memories geometric or subjective memories?

  6. Time delays of consciousness

    1. Dissipation as evidence for consciousness

    2. Strange time delays of consciousness: experiments related to the active role of consciousness

    3. Strange time delays of consciousness: experiments related to the passive role of consciousness

    4. The experiment of Radin and Bierman as evidence for quantum jump between quantum histories concept

  7. Good and Evil, Life and Death

    1. Life and Death

    2. Good and Evil

    3. About God theory of Bernard Haisch