1. Introduction

  2. The most recent vision about zero energy ontology and p-adicization

    1. Zero energy ontology briefly

    2. Definition of energy in zero energy ontology

    3. p-Adic variants of the imbedding space

  3. Zero energy ontology, self hierarchy, and the notion of time

    1. Causal diamonds as correlates for selves

    2. Why sensory experience is about so short time interval?

    3. Arrow of time

    4. The mechanism of self referentiality

    5. Can selves interact and evolve?

  4. What arrow of time means at the level of quantum states?

    1. Arrow of time as an inherent property of zero energy states

    2. Does state function-state preparation sequence correspond to alternating arrow of geometric time

    3. Or does "dispersion" at second boundary of CD cause generate the arrow of time?

    4. The arrow of geometric time and the arrow of logical implication

    5. How experienced time and the geometric time of physicist relate to each other?: the most recent approach

    6. Quantum dynamics for the moduli of CDs and the arrow of geometric time

  5. Time for time

    1. Flash-lag effect and its modification

    2. We live in the past: but in what sense?

    3. Kublai Khan's problem and three more surprises

  6. Questions related to the notion of self and time

    1. Hierarchies of causal diamonds and space-time surfaces as geometric correlates for self hierarchy

    2. Are time reversed sub-selves always experienced as mental images?

    3. Are after images reincarnations of mental images?

    4. Inverse Research on Decisions Shows Instinct Makes Us Behave Like Cyborgs, not Robots: Really?

  7. Some comments related to quantum measurement theory according to TGD

    1. Does the analog of repeated second quantization take place at the level of WCW?

    2. About the notion of observable

    3. What does amplification process in quantum measurement mean?

    4. Zero energy ontology and Afshar experiment

  8. Maxwell's demon from TGD viewpoint

    1. Maxwell's demon in its original form

    2. Experimental realization of Maxwell's demon

    3. TGD view about the situation

  9. The findings of Armor and Sackett concerning predictability of actual and hypothetical events

    1. Why the standard physics based explanation for the findings of Armor and Sackett looks implausible?

    2. Zero energy ontology (ZEO)

    3. ZEO based model for the findings of Armor and Sacker