1. Hydrodynamic interpretation of extremals

    1. Possible role of Beltrami flows and symplectic invariance in the description of gauge and gravitational interactions

    2. A general solution ansatz based on almost topological QFT property

    3. Preferred extremals as perfect fluids

    4. Preferred extremals as perfect fluids

    5. Hydrodynamic picture in fermionic sector

  2. Does thermodynamics have a representation at the level of space-time geometry?

    1. Motivations and background

    2. Kiehn's topological thermodynamics (TTD)

    3. Attempt to identify TTD in TGD framework

  3. Robert Kiehn's ideas about Falaco solitons and generation of turbulent wake from TGD perspective

    1. Falaco solitons and TGD

    2. Stringy description of condensed matter physics and chemistry?

    3. New manner to understand the generation of turbulent wake