1. Introduction

    1. Zero Energy Ontology

    2. Hierarchy of Planck constants

    3. p-Adic physics as physics of cognition

    4. NMP

    5. The notion of self

  2. Some applications at brain level

    1. A simple model for cognition

    2. Cognition, learning, and NE at the level of brain

    3. NE and the role of neurotransmitters

    4. Differences between left and right brain hemisphere

    5. Music and consciousness

  3. Whole-body consciousness: physical evidence and tests

    1. Dissipation and consciousness

    2. EEG synchrony and negentropic entanglement

    3. Synesthesia

  4. Self hierarchy and the notion of magnetic body

    1. Higher level selves in biological self hierarchy

    2. Quantum criticality

    3. Support for the notion magnetic body

    4. Some functions of magnetic body

    5. The magnetic fields associated with body parts and higher levels of consciousness