1. Introduction

  2. Theoretical and empirical background

    1. Does it make sense to talk about rotating Universe?

    2. CMB and rotating Universe

    3. Models for the P violation in long length scales

  3. Kähler form of M4 as source of large scale breaking of CP, P and T

    1. The analog of Kähler structure of M4 is forced by twistor lift of TGD

    2. Critical comments

    3. Could the violations of CP, P, and T correlate?

  4. Matter antimatter asymmetry and large scale rotation as aspects of U(1) charge separation due to J(CD)

    1. Is dark antimatter at dark magnetic flux tubes?

    2. What could be the mechanism of matter antimatter separation and B-L separation?

    3. TGD based model for the generation of galaxies

    4. Galactic blackholes as a test for TGD view about formation of galaxies?