1. Introduction

  2. Quantum credit card

    1. Two realizations for the "population inverted laser"

    2. Support for quantum credit card mechanism

    3. Confirmation of Santilli's detection of antimatter galaxies via a telescope with concave lenses:really?

  3. Comparison of Ling's vision about cell to TGD view

    1. Basic ideas and notions of Ling

    2. The basic notions of Ling's vision from TGD view point

    3. The role of ATP according to Ling and in TGD framework

    4. Ling's theory from the perspective of TGD inspired theory of consciousness

  4. Capacitor like Josephson junctions as systems with large heff/h?

    1. Cell membrane as Josephson junction

    2. Quantization of the DC voltage of capacitor from the quantization of charge

    3. Constraint on cyclotron frequency

    4. What about more general capacitor like systems?

    5. What fJ=fAC/l condition implies for Earth's electric field?

    6. Cell membrane, DNA double strand, and cortical layers as capacitor like Josephson junctions

    7. Further comments

  5. Mysteries associated with lightnings, ball lightnings and the electrosphere of Earth

    1. Basic facts

    2. The TGD view of ball lightning and other mysteries

  6. About long range electromagnetic quantum coherence in TGD Universe

    1. The notion of electromagnetic Planck constant

    2. Biological applications of long rance electromagnetic quantum coherence and generalized Pollack effect

    3. Long scale electromagnetic quantum coherence in non-biological systems

  7. Tesla's work, biology, and TGD

    1. Tesla's work

    2. Relating Tesla's work to TGD inspired quantum biology

    3. How could this picture relate to biofield research?

    4. Tesla coils from TGD view point

    5. Tesla's findings from a new viewpoint

  8. Teslaphoresis in TGD

    1. What Tesla coils are?

    2. How TGD could be involved?