1. Introduction

    1. Generalization of the notion of imbedding space

    2. Gravitational Bohr orbitology

    3. How General Coordinate Invariance and Lorentz invariance are achieved?

  2. Updated view about the hierarchy of Planck constants

    1. Basic physical ideas

    2. Space-time correlates for the hierarchy of Planck constants

    3. Basic phenomenological rules of thumb in the new framework

    4. Charge fractionalization and anyons

    5. What about the relationship of gravitational Planck constant to ordinary Planck constant?

    6. Summary

  3. General quantum vision about formation of structures

    1. Simple quantitative model

    2. Formation of rings like structures

    3. A quantum model for the dark part of the central mass and rings

    4. Two stellar components in the halo of Milky Way

  4. Quantum chaos in astrophysical length scales

    1. Brief summary about quantum chaos

    2. What does the transition to quantum chaos mean?

    3. Quantum chaos in astrophysical scales?

  5. Gravitational radiation and large value of gravitational Planck constant

    1. Standard view about gravitational radiation

    2. Quantum mechanisms for the emission of gravitational radiation

    3. Model for dark gravitons

    4. Detection of gravitational radiation

    5. Quantitative model

    6. Generalization to gauge interactions

    7. Can graviton have mass?

  6. Piece-wise accelerated cosmic expansion as basic prediction of quantum cosmology

    1. Experimental evidence for accelerated expansion is consistent with TGD based model

    2. Quantum version of Expanding Earth theory

  7. Implications Expanding Earth model for the pre-Cambrian evolution of continents, of climate, and of life

    1. Super-continent theory

    2. Standard view about oceans

    3. Glaciations during Neoproterozoic period

    4. Snowball Earth model for the glaciation during pre-Cambrian era

    5. TGD point of view about pre-Cambrian period

    6. Paleo-magnetic data and Expanding Earth model

    7. Did life go underground during pre-Cambrian glaciations?

  8. Do blackholes and blackhole evaporation have TGD counterparts?

    1. Background

    2. About basic assumptions about blackhole evaporation as seen in TGD context

    3. Relating the terminology of blackhole evaporation to TGD framework

    4. Could blackhole evaporation have a TGD counterpart?

  9. New view about blackholes

    1. Anyonic view about black holes

    2. Super-symplectic bosons

    3. Are ordinary blackholes replaced with super-symplectic blackholes?

    4. Blackholes do not absorb dark matter so fast as they should