1. Introduction

    1. Preferred extremals as critical extremals

    2. Construction of preferred extremals

  2. Weak form electric-magnetic duality and its implications

    1. Could a weak form of electric-magnetic duality hold true?

    2. Magnetic confinement, the short range of weak forces, and color confinement

    3. Could Quantum TGD reduce to almost topological QFT?

  3. Some attempts to understand preferred extremals of Kähler action

    1. What "preferred" could mean?

    2. Basic ideas about preferred extremals

    3. What could be the construction recipe for the preferred extremals assuming CP_2= CP_2^{mod

    4. Are Euclidian regions of preferred extremals quaternion-Kähler manifolds?

    5. Could quaternion analyticity make sense for the preferred extremals?

  4. In what sense TGD could be an integrable theory?

    1. What integrable theories are?

    2. Why TGD could be integrable theory in some sense?

    3. Could TGD be an integrable theory?

  5. Do geometric invariants of preferred extremals define topological invariants of space-time surface and code for quantum physics?

    1. Preferred extremals of Kähler action as manifolds with constant Ricci scalar whose geometric invariants are topological invariants

    2. Is there a connection between preferred extremals and AdS_4/CFT correspondence?

    3. Generalizing Ricci flow to Maxwell flow for 4-geometries and Kähler flow for space-time surfaces

    4. Could correlation functions, S-matrix, and coupling constant evolution be coded the statistical properties of preferred extremals?

  6. About deformations of known extremals of Kähler action

    1. What might be the common features of the deformations of known extremals

    2. What small deformations of CP2 type vacuum extremals could be?

    3. Hamilton-Jacobi conditions in Minkowskian signature

    4. Deformations of cosmic strings

    5. Deformations of vacuum extremals?

    6. About the interpretation of the generalized conformal algebras

  7. About TGD counterparts of classical field configurations in Maxwell's theory

    1. About differences between Maxwell's ED and TGD

    2. CP2 type extremals as ultimate sources of fields and singularities

    3. Delicacies associated with M4 Kähler structure

    4. About TGD counterparts for the simplest classical field patterns

  8. Minimal surfaces and TGD

    1. Space-time surfaces as singular minimal surfaces

    2. Kähler action as Morse function in the space of minimal 4-surfaces

    3. Kähler function as Morse function in the space of 3-surfaces

    4. Kähler calibrations: an idea before its time?

  9. Are space-time boundaries possible in the TGD framework?

    1. Light-like 3-surfaces from det(g4)=0 condition

    2. Can one allow macroscopic Euclidean space-time regions

    3. But are the normal components of isometry currents finite?

    4. det(g4)=0  condition  as a realization of quantum criticality

  10. Appendix: Hamilton-Jacobi structure

    1. Hermitian and hyper-Hermitian structures

    2. Hamilton-Jacobi structure

    3. A proposal for an explicit realization of the Hamilton-Jacobi structures