1. Introduction

    1. Questions and answers about evolution

    2. Topics of the chapter

  2. What is known about pre-biotic evolution?

    1. Some believed-to-be facts about the early history of life

    2. Standard approaches are mechanistic

    3. The notion of primordial ocean

    4. Urey-Miller experiment

    5. RNA world

    6. How biochemical pathways and DNA-amino-acid code emerged?

    7. Problems with the polymerization in primordial ocean

    8. The notion of protocell

  3. TGD based scenario about pre-biotic evolution

    1. Basic prerequisites

    2. TGD based vision about pre-biotic evolution

    3. Pre-biotic chemistry and new physics

    4. Could high energy phosphate bond be negentropic bond with negative binding energy?

    5. Water memory and braids

    6. How bio-polymers were associated with their dark counterparts?

    7. Two steps towards understanding of the origins of life

    8. Could the replication of mirror DNA teach something about chiral selection?

  4. Physical model for genetic code and its evolution

    1. RNA world

    2. Programming of bio-molecular self assembly pathways from TGD point of view

    3. The archeology of tRNA molecules as a guideline

    4. Recent genetic code as a fusion of singlet and doublet codes?

    5. Is RNA era continuing inside cell nuclei?

    6. Could nanno-bacteria correspond to predecessors of the triplet life-forms?

  5. Did life evolve in the womb of Mother Gaia?

    1. Quantum version of Expanding Earth theory and Cambrian explosion

    2. Did pre-biotic life evolve in mantle-core boundary?

    3. What conditions can one pose on life at mantle-core boundary?

    4. What about analogs of EEG?

  6. Comparison of McFadden's views with TGD

    1. General ideas

    2. Enzyme action

    3. Quantum evolution

  7. Great vision about biological evolution and evolution of brain

    1. Basic assumptions

    2. Dark matter hierarchy and big leaps in evolution

    3. Could insect colonies have "EEG"?

    4. Dark matter hierarchy, hierarchical structure of nervous system, and hierarchy of emotions

  8. Oil drops in water solution as a primitive life form?

    1. Intelligent oil droplets

    2. Some key ideas of TGD inspired quantum biology

    3. General ideas about oil droplets as a primitive life form

    4. What are the prerequisites for metabolism and topological quantum computation like processes?

    5. What about genetic code and counterpart of DNA?

    6. Another approach to protocell

  9. Figures