1. Introduction

  2. Basic ideas of TGD inspired quantum biology

    1. Dark matter as hierarchy of phases of ordinary matter with heff=nh0

    2. hgr =heff hypothesis and universal cyclotron energies

    3. MB (MB) and its motor actions

    4. Dark nucleosynthesis (DNS) as a source of metabolic energy in prebiotic systems?

  3. TGD based explanation for the life-like aspects of the system consisting of plastic balls

    1. Experimental findings

    2. Self-organized bi-stability or oscillations driven by cyclotron radiation and energized by DNS?

    3. Speculative connections with TGD inspired views about quantum biology and consciousness

  4. A system of particles able to self-assemble and self-heal in presence of acoustic waves

    1. Experimental discovery

    2. TGD inspired model

  5. A model for the control of biological body by magnetic body

    1. The basic hypothesis

    2. Metallic and organic cofactors

    3. Biologically important ions assignable to the communications from BB to MB

    4. About the role of cyclotron frequencies in the bio-control by MB

    5. Molecular motors

    6. Oxidative metabolism, red cells, the fundamental bio-rhythm, and iron

    7. Model for RNA life

  6. Do hydrogels learn in presence of irradiation and heating?

    1. TGD based model for the findings

  7. The emergence of human brain like functions in neuromorphic metallic nanowire network

    1. Findings

    2. TGD based model