1. Introduction

    1. Development of ideas about paranormal

    2. Topics to be discussed

  2. General view about paranormal phenomena

    1. The notion of magnetic mirror

    2. Summary of the model

  3. Paranormal phenomena in biological systems

    1. Healing by time reversal

    2. DelaWarr camera and field representation of genetic information

  4. Parapsychological phenomena

    1. Extrasensory perception, precognition, and other parapsychic effects

    2. Psychokinesis

    3. Near death experiences

    4. Are communications between living and deceased possible?

  5. TGD based model for instrumental trans-communications

    1. Introduction

    2. Universe as a conscious hologram and a general mechanism for remote mental interactions

    3. Who are the senders?

    4. Knowhow problem

    5. Experimenter as a medium and amplifier of the signal

    6. How the signal is transformed to a signal in electronic instrument?

    7. Tests fo the model of ITC