1. Introduction

    1. Consciousness as intrinsic property of matter like mass or charge

    2. Causal evolution and the notion of information

    3. Causal networks and the assignment of qualia to the links of the causal network

    4. Exclusion axiom

    5. Panphysics but no mention of hierarchies

    6. Are the following questions addressed?

  2. Questions about IIT, remote mental interactions, intentionality, and need for post-quantum theory to describe consciousness

    1. Basic TGD based criticism of IIT

    2. Questions by Lian Sidoroff

    3. Questions by Patrizio Tressoldi

    4. Questions by Ben Goertzel

  3. Comments about Ben Goertzel's Eurycosm approach to consciousness

    1. Relational interpretation of quantum mechanics

    2. The notion of eurycosm

    3. Definition of consciousness

    4. The notion of observation

    5. The notions of peaked distribution and morphic resonance

    6. Space-time as a metaphorical knot