1. Introduction

    1. What does non-locality mean physically?

    2. Living systems have shape

    3. Does coherence in long spatial and temporal scales reduce to macroscopic quantum coherence?

    4. Summing up

  2. TGD

    1. Quantum TGD

    2. Classical TGD

    3. Number theoretical physics

  3. ZEO and generalization of quantum measurement theory to a theory of consciousness

    1. ZEO

    2. NMP as variational principle of consciousness

    3. Details related to NMP

    4. The notion of self

  4. Some applications

    1. The notion of magnetic body (MB)

    2. MB and biology

    3. Metabolism

    4. Proposals for the Physical Realizations of Genetic Code

    5. Applications to neuroscience

    6. Remote mental interactions

  5. Morphogenesis in TGD Universe

    1. The dynamics of space-time surfaces

    2. General view about morphogenesis

    3. Quantitative view

    4. Morphogenesis in astrophysical scales