1. Introduction

  2. Basic notions and ideas behind NMP

    1. Zero energy ontology

    2. Fusion of real and p-adic physics

    3. Dark matter hierarchy

    4. Quantum classical correspondence

    5. Connection with standard quantum measurement theory

    6. Quantum jump as moment of consciousness

    7. NMP and negentropic entanglement

    8. Wigner's friend and Schrödinger's cat

    9. ER=EPR and TGD

  3. Generalization of NMP to the case of hyper-finite type II1 factors

    1. Factors

    2. NMP Hyper-finite factors of type II1

  4. Some consequences of NMP

    1. NMP and p-adic length scale hypothesis

    2. NMP and thermodynamics

    3. NMP and biology

    4. NMP, consciousness, and cognition

    5. NMP and quantum computer type systems

    6. Quantum measurement and quantum computation in TGD

  5. p-Adic physics and consciousness

    1. From quantum measurement theory to a theory of consciousness

    2. NMP and self

    3. p-Adic physics as correlate of cognition and imagination

  6. How Negentropy Maximization Principle (NMP) relates to Second Law

    1. General observations about second law

    2. The new physics elements involved with NMP

    3. Detailed formulation of NMP