1. Introduction

    1. Macroscopic quantum phases in many-sheeted space-time

    2. Mind like space-time sheets as massless extremals

    3. Classical color and electro-weak fields in macroscopic length scales

    4. Mersenne hypothesis

    5. p-Adic-to-real transitions as transformation of intentions to actions

  2. Updated view about the hierarchy of Planck constants

    1. Basic physical ideas

    2. Space-time correlates for the hierarchy of Planck constants

    3. Basic phenomenological rules of thumb in the new framework

    4. Charge fractionalization and anyons

    5. What about the relationship of gravitational Planck constant to ordinary Planck constant?

    6. Summary

  3. Dark matter and living matter

    1. Dark matter and mind: general ideas

    2. Dark matter hierarchy, sensory representations, and motor action

  4. MEs as mes

    1. Massless extremals

    2. MEs as absorbing and emitting quantum antennae

    3. Quantum holography and quantum information theory

    4. Many-sheeted ionic flow equilibrium controlled by MEs

    5. MEs and quantum control

    6. Experimental evidence for MEs

  5. Bio-systems as superconductors

    1. General mechanisms for superconductivity

    2. Superconductivity at magnetic flux quanta in astrophysical length scales

    3. Fractal hierarchy of EEGs and ZEGs

    4. TGD assigns 10 Hz biorhythm to electron as an intrinsic frequency scale

  6. Many-sheeted space-time, universal metabolic quanta, and plasmoids as primitive life forms

    1. Evidence for many-sheeted space-time

    2. Laboratory evidence for plasmoids as life forms

    3. Universal metabolic quanta

    4. Life as a symbiosis of plasmoids and biological life

  7. Are the quantum currents through cell membrane direct quantal currents rather than Josephson currents

    1. Connection between laser induced healing, acupuncture, and association of DC currents with the healing of wounds

    2. Quantum model for effective semiconductor property

    3. The effects of ELF em fields on vertebrate brain

  8. Exotic color and electro-weak interactions

    1. Long range classical weak and color gauge fields as correlates for dark massless weak bosons

    2. Dark color force as a space-time correlate for the strong nuclear force?

    3. How brain could deduce the position and velocity of an object of perceptive field?

    4. Boolean mind and dark neutrinos