1. Introduction

    1. Quantum view about energy economy in brain

    2. Molecular machines in many-sheeted space-time

  2. A general model for metabolism

    1. Three possible models for liberation of metabolic energy

    2. Model for the building bricks of plasmoids

    3. Model for the metabolism of plasmoids?

    4. Does dark biology represent pre- or post-biotic evolution?

    5. Quantum model for metabolism

  3. Constant torque as a manner to force phase transition increasing the value of Planck constant

    1. Could constant torque force the increase of heff?

    2. What about stationary solutions

    3. The connection with WKB approximation and Airy functions

    4. Connection with living matter

  4. A model for brain metabolism

    1. Metabolism in brain

    2. Astrocytes and quantum control of brain

    3. The effects of endogenous sound waves as a support for the scenario

  5. Molecular machines in many-sheeted space-time

    1. TGD inspired questions and ideas relating to coherent locomotion

    2. Some facts about molecular and cellular motors

    3. Molecular motors in single-sheeted space-time

    4. Molecular machines in TGD framework

  6. Miscellaneous

    1. Older ideas

    2. Generalized-four wave mechanism as a basic mechanism of remote metabolism

    3. Explanation of super-luminal velocities in terms of remote metabolism