1. Introduction

    1. Dark matter hierarchy, sensory representations, motor action, and metabolism

    2. New ideas

    3. Many-sheeted photosynthesis

  2. General view about sensory representations, motor control, and metabolism

    1. General vision about living matter as a macroscopic quantum system

    2. A general view about quantum control, coordination and communication inspired by dark matter hierarchy

    3. Some mechanisms liberating metabolic energy and connection with free energy phenomena

    4. The challenges posed by the new ideas

  3. General vision about metabolism

    1. About metabolism in general

    2. Cellular respiration and photosynthesis

  4. TGD inspired view about metabolism

    1. Negentropic entanglement and covalent bond

    2. Questions about metabolism

    3. Hydrolysis of ATP in TGD universe

    4. Could high energy phosphate bond be negentropic bond with negative binding energy?

  5. Many-sheeted model for photosynthesis

    1. A rough overall view about photosynthesis

    2. A general model for energy storage and energy utilization by remote metabolism

    3. The general model for photosynthesis

    4. Applying the general model of energy storage and utilization to ionic pumps

    5. Quantum coherence and photosynthesis

    6. Pollack's mechanism and photosynthesis

    7. Gut cells without mitochondria can survive: proof for the notion of remote metabolism?

  6. Metabolic energy and negentropy and chemical qualia as number theoretical qualia?

    1. Brief summary of TGD view about consciousness and quantum biology

    2. Can we smell and taste the value of heff/h

    3. Adelic physics and cognition

    4. Comments to the vision of James Kohl about top-down and bottom-up causation, immune system, nutrients, and olfaction