1. Introduction

    1. Geometric and subjective memories

    2. p-Adic physics as physics of intentionality

    3. Spin glass model of memories

    4. Mirror mechanism

    5. Third person aspects of memory

    6. Symbolic and cognitive representations of memories

    7. Biosupercomputers and memories

  2. Different types of memories

    1. Geometric and subjective memories

    2. Habits, skills, associations

    3. Spin glass model of learning and long term memories

    4. Long term memories

    5. Implicit memories

    6. Procedural memories

  3. Model for long term memories

    1. General ideas

    2. Could gravitation have something to do with long term memories+

    3. Is right brain hemisphere the quantum entangler?

    4. Going to the neuronal level

    5. Hippocampus and long term memories

    6. Micro-tubuli and long term memory

  4. A proposal for memory code

    1. Basic ideas of the model

    2. TGD view about the situation

  5. Hyper-finite factors of type II1, dark matter hierarchy, and consciousness

    1. Hyper-finite factors of type II1 and quantization of Planck constant

    2. Dark matter hierarchy

    3. Dark matter hierarchy and the notion of self

    4. The time span of long term memories as a signature for the level of dark matter hierarchy

    5. Remote metabolism, long term memory, and zero energy ontology

    6. Applying computer analogy to the model for long term memories

  6. Updates since 2012

    1. How memories are represented and recalled?

    2. Could interaction free measurement be used to deduce information about self model?

    3. Realization of memory representations in terms of braided flux tubes