1. Introduction

    1. Macro-temporal quantum coherence is suggested by quantum classical correspondence

    2. Macro-temporal quantum coherence from spin glass degeneracy?

    3. Dynamical Planck constant and dark matter hierarchy

    4. Implications of macrotemporal quantum coherence

  2. Background

    1. The notions of quantum jump and self

    2. Many-sheeted space-time, topological field quantization, and spin glass degeneracy

  3. Macro-temporal coherence from spin glass degeneracy

    1. What quantum coherence means in TGD Universe?

    2. Spin glass degeneracy and classical gravitation stabilize irreducible bound state entanglement

  4. Macro-temporal quantum coherence and dynamical hbar

    1. Quantization of planetary orbits with a gigantic value of Planck constant and dark matter as a macroscopic quantum phase

    2. Criterion for the occurrence of a phase transition changing Planck constant

    3. Hierarchy of Planck constants and physics as a generalized number theory

    4. The interpretation of the phase transition hbar→ λhbar at configuration space level

    5. Large value of Planck constant implies macroscopic and macrotemporal quantum coherence

    6. Are the two explanations for the macro-temporal quantum coherence consistent?

  5. Basic implications

    1. Thermodynamic aspects

    2. Energetic aspects

    3. Information theoretic aspects

  6. Macro-temporal quantum coherence, consciousness, and biology

    1. Macro-temporal quantum coherence and states of 'one-ness'

    2. Macro-temporal quantum coherence and biology

    3. Macro-temporal quantum coherence and long term memory

  7. Co-operation and competition as different aspects of quantum consciousness

    1. Breaking of super-conductivity, metabolism, and homeostasis

    2. Combining macro-temporal quantum coherence and dissipation

    3. Healing by time reversal