1. Introduction

  2. TGD

    1. Quantum TGD

    2. Classical TGD

    3. Number theoretical physics

  3. ZEO and generalization of quantum measurement theory to a theory of consciousness

    1. Questions

    2. ZEO

    3. From quantum measurement theory to a theory of consciousness

    4. Copenhagen interpretation dead: long live ZEO based quantum measurement theory!

  4. Negentropy Maximization Principle

    1. Basic Form Of NMP

    2. Weak Form Of NMP

    3. Can One Define Measures For The Information Contents Of Mental Image?

    4. Hyper-Finite Factors Of Type II$_1$ And NMP

    5. M8-H duality and consciousness

  5. Some comments related to Zero Energy Ontology (ZEO)

    1. General view about ZEO

    2. ZEO, life, and consciousness

    3. Under what conditions does BSFR take place and what happens in it?

    4. Could I to to bed today and wake-up tomorrow morning?

  6. Some questions concerning zero energy ontology

    1. Some background

    2. How uniquely PE property fixes the space-time surface?

    3. Still about quantum measurement theory in ZEO

      1. ZEO based theory of consciousness as quantum measurement theory

      2. The relationship between adelic physics and ZEO based quantum theory

      3. The dynamics of SSFRs as quantum measurement cascades in the group algebra of Galois group

    4. Questions related to the notion of self and time

      1. Hierarchies of causal diamonds and space-time surfaces as geometric correlates for self hierarchy

      2. Are time reversed sub-selves always experienced as mental images?

      3. Re-incarnation and EEG

      4. After images as reincarnations of mental images?

      5. Re-incarnation and time reversed selves as basic predictions of TGD inspired theory of consciousness

    5. Appendix: TGD and quantum biology

      1. The notion of magnetic body (MB)

      2. MB and biology