1. Introduction

  2. Zero energy ontology

    1. The hierarchy of CDs

    2. Generalization of standard conservation laws in ZEO

    3. Breaking of second law in standard form

    4. Negative energy signals

  3. p-Adic physics

    1. p-Adic length scale hypothesis and Mersenne hypothesis in living matter

    2. Negentropic entanglement

    3. p-Adic-real phase transitions and intentional action and formation of cognitive representations

  4. Magnetic body as carrier of dark matter

    1. Dark matter as a hierarchy of phases with large value of Planck constant

    2. Tests for the notion of magnetic body

    3. Bio-superconductivity

  5. TGD view about consciousness and biology

    1. The notion of conscious hologram

    2. TGD view about metabolism

    3. The new view about DNA

    4. Model of cell membrane as almost vacuum extremal

  6. General model for remote mental interactions

    1. Direct metabolic correlates for remote mental interactions

    2. How to choose senders and receivers?

  7. The tip of iceberg: placebo, experimenter expectation and interference phenomena in subconscious information flow

    1. The vision of Jeff Hawkins about neo-cortex

    2. A generalization to a vision about the anatomy of quantum jump in zero energy ontology

    3. Possible answers to the questions