1. Introduction

  2. Quantum physics as infinite-dimensional geometry

    1. World of the classical worlds as the arena of quantum physics

    2. Geometrization of fermionic statistics in terms of configuration space spinor structure

    3. Construction of the configuration space Clifford algebra in terms of second quantized induced spinor fields

    4. Zero energy ontology and WCW geometry

    5. Hierarchy of Planck constants and WCW geometry

    6. Hyper-finite factors and the notion of measurement resolution

    7. Twistor revolution and TGD

  3. Physics as a generalized number theory

    1. Fusion of real and p-adic physics to a coherent whole

    2. Classical number fields and associativity and commutativity as fundamental law of physics

    3. Infinite primes and quantum physics

    4. Quantum Mathematics and Quantum Mechanics

  4. Physics as extension of quantum measurement theory to a theory of consciousness

    1. Quantum jump as moment of consciousness

    2. Negentropy Maximization Principle and the notion of self

    3. Life as islands of rational/algebraic numbers in the seas of real and p-adic continua?

    4. Two times

    5. General view about psychological time and intentionality

    6. T-duality and life

  5. Implications of Quantum Classical Correspondence

    1. Strong form of holography and effective 2-dimensionality

    2. Weak form of electric magnetic duality

    3. TGD as almost topological QFT

    4. Generalized Feynman diagrams and braids

    5. The superposition of classical fields in TGD Universe