1. Introduction

  2. Brief summary of the basic vision around 2003 compared with the recent situation

    1. TGD inspired theory of consciousness

    2. TGD inspired quantum biology

  3. Basic questions and basic ideas

    1. Basic questions

    2. Key ideas of the TGD inspired modelof remote mental interactions

    3. Some examples of remote mental interactions interpreted in TGD framework

  4. Parapsychological phenomena

    1. Extrasensory perception, precognition, and other parapsychic effects

    2. Psychokinesis

    3. Healing as rejuvenation?

    4. Near death experiences

  5. Conscious hologram and remote mental interactions

    1. Big vision

    2. Sketch for what could happen in a typical remote viewing experiment

    3. About the physiological correlates of anomalous cognition

    4. Local sidereal time, geomagnetic fluctuations, and remote mental interactions

    5. Could magnetic flux tubes make possible effective holograms?

    6. Two attempts to understand PK

  6. TGD inspired model for OBEs

    1. OBEs, autoscopy, heautoscopy, and other strange experiences

    2. Questions

    3. Dark matter hierarchy, zero energy ontology, negentropic entanglement, OBEs

    4. A more detailed model for OBEs

    5. The role of the magnetic body in the case of other brain functions

    6. Psychedelics induced experiences and magnetic body

  7. Connection to the work of other researchers in forefront

    1. Simon Shnoll

    2. Michael Persinger

    3. William Tiller

    4. About the double-slit experiment of Dean Radin