1. Introduction

    1. The quantum states of Universe as modes of classical spinor field in the "world of classical worlds"

    2. WCW Kähler metric from Kähler function

    3. WCW Kähler metric from symmetries

    4. WCW Kähler metric as anticommutators of super-symplectic super Noether charges

    5. What principle selects the preferred extremals?

  2. WCW

    1. Basic notions

    2. Constraints on WCW geometry

  3. Identification of the Kähler function

    1. Definition of Kähler function

    2. The values of the Kähler coupling strength?

    3. What principle selects the preferred extremals?

    4. Why non-local Kähler function?

  4. Some properties of Kähler action

    1. Vacuum degeneracy and some of its implications

    2. Four-dimensional General Coordinate Invariance

    3. WCW geometry, generalized catastrophe theory, and phase transitions