1. Basic Ideas of Topological Geometrodynamics (TGD)

    1. Basic vision very briefly

    2. Two manners to see TGD and their fusion

    3. Basic objections

    4. p-Adic variants of space-time surfaces

    5. The threads in the development of quantum TGD

    6. Hierarchy of Planck constants and dark matter hierarchy

    7. Twistors and TGD

  2. Bird's eye of view about the topics of the book

    1. The implications deriving from the topology of space-time surface and from the properties of induced gauge fields

    2. Many-sheeted cosmology

    3. Dark matter and quantization of gravitational Planck constant

    4. The topics of the book

  3. The contents of the book

  4. Sources

    1. PART I: The notion of many-sheeted space-time

    2. PART II: Many-Sheeted Cosmology, and Astrophysics

    3. PART III: Topological field quantization