1. Basic ideas of TGD

    1. TGD as a Poincare invariant theory of gravitation

    2. TGD as a generalization of the hadronic string model

    3. Fusion of the two approaches via a generalization of the space-time concept

  2. The five threads in the development of quantum TGD

    1. Quantum TGD as configuration space spinor geometry

    2. p-Adic TGD

    3. TGD as a generalization of physics to a theory of consciousness

    4. TGD as a generalized number theory

    5. Dynamical quantized Planck constant and dark matter hierarchy

  3. Bird's eye of view about the contents of the book

  4. The contents of the book

    1. Part I: Some mathematical and physical background

    2. Part II: Physical models for genome and evolution of genetic code

    3. Part III: Mathematical models for genetic code and its evolution

    4. Unification of Four Approaches to the Genetic Code

    5. Pre-biotic Evolution in Many-Sheeted Space-time

    6. Topological Quantum Computation in TGD Universe

    7. DNA as Topological Quantum Computer