1. Introduction

    1. Frequency imprinting and entrainment

    2. Scaling laws

    3. Model for the homeopathy

    4. Dark nuclear strings as analogs of as analogs of DNA-, RNA- and amino-acid sequences and baryonic realization of genetic code

    5. Some applications

  2. General view about homeostasis

    1. Superconducting part of the ionic flow circuitry

    2. How water represents?

    3. The role of microwaves in homeostasis

    4. How the vision about dark matter hierarchy affects the picture?

  3. Scaling law

    1. Various forms of scaling law

    2. Scaling law for the qualia about brain structure of given size

    3. Scaling law and evolution

    4. Scaling law and sensory maps

    5. Does the structure of neocortex correlate with the hierarchy of p-adic frequencies?

  4. TGD based model for homeopathy

    1. Basic claims about homeopathy

    2. Frequency signatures for the homeopathic remedies and endogenous frequencies in acupuncture

    3. A sketch for the mechanism behind the homeopathic healing

    4. TGD counterparts for the propagation and diffusion of coherence

    5. Frequency imprinting and de-imprinting

    6. A possible realization of water memory

    7. Could virtual DNAs allow a controlled development of the genome?

    8. Latest findings about water memory

  5. Further experimental findings related to water memory

    1. Genes and water memory

    2. Water electric as protocell

    3. A model for chiral selection

    4. Burning water, photosynthesis, and water memory

  6. DNA waves and water

    1. The basic findings of Montagnier's group

    2. Questions

    3. TGD inspired answers to the questions

    4. A quantum model for remote replication

  7. About Physical Representations of Genetic Code in Terms of Dark Nuclear Strings

    1. Background

    2. Models of genetic code based on dark nuclear strings

    3. The model mapping codons to dark 3-nucleon states

  • Field codes associated with homeopathy and a model for the magnetic body

    1. Plasmoids as primitive life forms associated with magnetic bodies

    2. Field representations of information using codes

    3. Priore's machine as a test bench for the model

    4. Fields and genes

    5. Magnetic mirrors, remote viewing and remote healing

  • The role of dark micro waves in living matter

    1. Dark microwaves and metabolism

    2. Poorly understood effects related to micro-waves

    3. X-ray images and remote realization of intentionality

    4. Explanation of tachyonic events using the same model

  • Activated water, homepathy and the basic mechanism of immunity

    1. Short summary about "Applied Biophysics of Activated Water" of Vysostkii et al

    2. Physical effects of activation and biological effects of activated water

    3. The basic ingredients of TGD inspired model of water memory

    4. TGD inspired model for homeopathy

    5. TGD based view about the activation of water