1. Introduction

    1. The notion of conscious hologram

    2. Time mirror mechanism

    3. Bio-photons

    4. The work of William Tiller

  2. Conscious hologram

    1. What are the basic properties of conscious hologram?

    2. Stereo-consciousness and the notion of conscious hologram

    3. Questions

    4. Self-referentiality and space-time topology

    5. Comparison of Maxwellian and TGD views about classical gauge fields

  3. Phase conjugation, negative energy topological light rays, and time mirror mechanism

    1. Do negative energy space-time sheets have counterparts in quantum field theory?

    2. Is the TGD view about phase conjugate waves consistent with the existent wisdom?

  4. Bio-photons

    1. What bio-photons are?

    2. Some phenomena related to bio-photons

    3. General TGD based model for bio-photons

    4. The interpretation of biophotons and EEG as decay products of dark Josephson radiation

    5. TGD based model for delayed luminescence

    6. Kirlian effect

  5. Bio-photons, radio waves and genetic regulation

    1. Frequency spectrum of radio waves

    2. Basic questions

    3. How to understand the spectrum?

    4. Many-sheeted radio wave laser excited by laser light

    5. Is the radio wave spectrum for wheat seed scaled-up version of EEG spectrum?

  6. Conscious hologram and remote mental interactions

    1. Big vision

    2. Sketch for what happens in a typical remote viewing experiment

    3. Why it is so difficult to take remote mental interactions seriously?

    4. About the physiological correlates of anomalous cognition

    5. Local sidereal time, geomagnetic fluctuations, and remote mental interactions

    6. DelaWarr camera

  7. The experimental work of William Tiller about intentional imprinting of electronic devices

    1. Experimental arrangement

    2. Basic experimental findings

    3. Explanation of the pH oscillations in terms of the general model of intentional action

    4. The effects caused by the quartz crystal

    5. Relating Tiller's hypothesis to TGD framework

    6. A model for the findings based on hierarchy of large Planck constants

  8. Formation of holograms by time mirror mechanism as a key mechanism of intentional action?

    1. Four-wave interaction as a mechanism of intentional action?

    2. Plasma oscillation patterns as generalized holograms

    3. Nerve pulse generation and holograms

    4. Generalized four-wave interaction in relation to some other anomalies

  9. How to test the basic vision?

    1. Leakage of supra currents as basic mechanism

    2. Time reversal for the leakage of supra currents

    3. Controlling metabolism by IR laser beams and DNA functioning by maser beams?

    4. How to choose senders and receivers?

    5. How to test the notion of conscious hologram?