1. Introduction

  2. Allais effect and TGD

    1. The effect

    2. Could gravitational screening explain Allais effect

    3. Allais effect as evidence for large values of gravitational Planck constant?

    4. Could Z0 force be present?

  3. Gravimagnetism and TGD

    1. Gravity Probe B and TGD

    2. Does horizon correspond to a degenerate four-metric for the rotating counterpart of Schwartshild metric?

    3. Has strong gravimagnetism been observed?

    4. Is the large gravimagnetic field possible in TGD framework?

  4. Some differences between GRT and TGD

    1. Do neutrinos travel with superluminal speed?

    2. Anomalous time dilation effects due to warping as basic distinction between TGD and GRT

    3. Evidence for many-sheeted space-time from gamma ray flares

    4. Is gravitational constant really constant?

  5. Could the measurements trying to detect absolute motion of Earth allow to test sub-manifold gravity?

    1. The predictions of TGD for the local light-velocity

    2. The analysis of Cahill of the measurements trying to measure absolute motion

    3. Cahill's work in relation to TGD

  6. Miscellaneous topics

    1. Mickelson-Morley experiment revisited

    2. Einstein's equations and second variation of volume element

    3. Various interpretations of Machian Principle in TGD framework