1. Introduction

    1. The findings of Peter Gariaev and collaborators

    2. The relevant aspects of TGD based view about living matter

    3. The basic assumptions of model explaining findings of Gariaev

    4. Dark nuclear strings as analogs of as analogs of DNA-, RNA- and amino-acid sequences and baryonic realization of genetic code

  2. TGD counterpart for wave-genetics

    1. The notion of bio-hologram in TGD framework

    2. How to fuse the notion of bio-hologram with the model of DNA as tqc?

  3. The effects of laser light on living matter

    1. Phantom DNA effect

    2. Effects of the polarization modulated laser light on living matter

    3. PLR spectroscopy

  4. The scattering of incoherent UV-IR light on DNA

    1. Basic facts

    2. TGD based model for the replicas

  5. Water memory, phantom DNA effect, and development of tqc hardware

    1. A possible realization of water memory

    2. Could virtual DNAs allow a controlled development of the genome?