1. Introduction

    1. The quantum hardware

    2. Me as a computer sitting at its own terminal

  2. General ideas about hardware of consciousness

    1. Brain as a computer

    2. Brain, EEG, and quantum holograms

    3. Generalized notions of sensory experience and motor activity

    4. The paradigm of four-dimensional brain

    5. . Music metaphor and the function of the nerve pulses and EEG

    6. Connection with the functionalistic view about brain

    7. Brain as an associative net

  3. Quantum tools for bio-control and coordination

    1. Massless extremals, magnetic flux tubes, and electrets

    2. Homeostasis as a many-sheeted ionic flow equilibrium

    3. Quantum model for pattern recognition

    4. General mechanism making possible biological clocks, alarm clocks, comparison circuits, and novelty detectors

  4. Sensory representations

    1. Concrete realization of sensory representations

    2. Is the pain in the toe in the toe, in brain, or somewhere else?

  5. Updates since 2012