1. Introduction

  2. Background

    1. Some background from evolution

    2. Some background from neuroscience and endocrinology

    3. What emotions are and how do they emerge?

  3. TGD based interpretation for emotions

    1. Basic notions of TGD inspired quantum biology

    2. Sensory perceptions as artworks

    3. Emotions as sensory percepts about the state of MB

    4. Emotions and information

    5. Higher emotions and music

    6. Support for the view that information molecules serve as bridges in flux tube networks

    7. Getting memories by eating those who already have them

    8. How brain selectively remembers new places?

  4. The experiments of Masaru Emoto with emotional imprinting of water

    1. The reception of the findings of Emoto

    2. TGD based model for Emoto's findings

  5. Updated view about the rice experiments of Masaru Emoto

    1. Emoto's findings

    2. Bioharmony and the  genetic code

    3. The interpretation of bioharmonies in  the framework of the TGD inspired theory of consciousness

    4. How to understand Emoto's experiments with freezing water and rice?

  6. Emotions and RNA

    1. Does RNA code for pain?

    2. Did RNA replicate in codon-wise manner during RNA era?

    3. How do slime molds learn?

    4. Could also RNA and protein methylation of RNA be involved with expression molecular emotions?

    5. How does brain predict future?