1. Introduction

    1. The Notions Of Dark Matter And Magnetic Body

    2. Realizations Of Genetic Code

    3. Questions

  2. A Vision About Evolution And Codes

    1. Basic Insights

    2. The Simplest Scenario

    3. How Dark Baryon Code Could Be Involved With Transcription And Translation Mechanisms?

  3. DNA As Topological Quantum Computer: Realization Of The Genetic Code In Terms Of Quarks And Anti-Quarks

    1. Basic Ideas Of TQC

    2. Identification Of Hardware Of TQC And TQC Programs

    3. How Much TQC Resembles Ordinary Computation?

    4. Some Predictions Related To The Representation Of Braid Color

  4. Constraints On The Fermionic Realization Of Genetic Code From The Model For Color Qualia

    1. Fermionic Representation

    2. Various Options For The Fermionic Representation Of A, T, C, G

    3. Realization Of Color Qualia For Quark Option

  5. Realization Of Genetic Code In Terms Of Dark Baryons

    1. Dark Nuclear Strings As Analogs Of DNA-, RNA- and Amino-Acid Sequences and Baryonic Realization Of Genetic Code?

    2. DNA As Topological Quantum Computer Hypothesis And Dark Genetic Code

  6. Could One Find A Geometric Realization For Genetic And Memetic Codes?

    1. The Notions Of Memetic Code And Dark Genetic Code

    2. Could The Faces Of Tetrahedron Correspond To The Four DNA Nucleotides?

    3. Could The 20 Outer Faces/Tetrahedrons Of The Icosahedron Correspond To Amino-Acids?

    4. Icosahedral Realization Of The Memetic Code?

    5. Geometric Representation Of Dark DNA Codons

    6. Could Water Clusters Represent Memetic Code?

  7. About Physical Representations of Genetic Code in Terms of Dark Nuclear Strings

    1. Background

    2. Models of genetic code based on dark nuclear strings

    3. The model mapping codons to dark 3-nucleon states